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One Last Love Letter to Summer

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

There are three types of people on the 23rd of September. Those who heavy-heartedly pack their shorts, crop tops, and sandals away. Those who already had their sweaters and scarves ready weeks before. And those who could not care less whether or not fall is officially here.

Usually, I am definitely in that second category.

For the last weeks, I was actually complaining about the nice late-summer weather, because all I wanted was to snuggle my hot water bottle in bed with a comfy sweater and a nice hot cup of ginger tea. My wardrobe and I were ready to take on colder weather. So I am ready - more than ready, for tea, hot chocolates, weekends spent watching movies while it rains outside. I am ready for boots and socks that reach over your ankles and sweaters you can lose yourself in. But being ready for something new should not mean you throw away your something old without a second look. This year, I do not want to unconsciously jump from summer to fall. This summer was too great to leave without one last love letter:


Dear summer,

This year, you and I started our first real sunny days at the beginning of May already. I had a flower crown on my head, and the North Sea was still too cold to swim in, yet we swam. You showed your warmth for the first time when my classmates and I were sitting behind big Dutch windows, writing our last words for our thesis. But you did not seize to give your very best once we were done, and we spent many hours at the beach together. I turned from vampire white to lobster red more than once because of your strong sun, and because of my failure to apply enough sunscreen.

Dear summer,

I have many happy memories of you this year. I went to Europe’s best zoo, I went to the Belgian beach, the Dutch beach, the French beach. I swam in the Mediterranean, I swam in the North Sea. I sat next to a pool and read book after book after book. I graduated with a Master’s degree. I spent days in the sun with my very best of friends. I spent days in the sun with my boyfriend. I spent days in the sun with my family. I finally went on a hike again, even though it was short and I felt pretty unfit for the most part. I did not travel far this year or explored anything new, but I do not regret any of the hours I spent in your long, bright days.

Dear summer,

You were a summer of goodbyes. I had to say goodbye to my apartment, my furniture and (due to some serious spring cleaning) to a lot of things I held dear but really did not need. I had to say goodbye to friends that came to visit, and friends that left. I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend going on a three-month adventure. I left myself eventually and had to say goodbye to those who stayed. You and your never-ending enthusiasm and light made those days a whole lot easier.

Dear summer,

What a journey it has been with you. When you started, I did not even know where life would be taking me a few weeks later. And now, at your very end, I have settled into a new place, found new friends, and at least have an idea what I will be doing for the next few months to come. Only once in my life has a season been more transitional. I can honestly say that you were a challenge and overcoming you and your uncertainties were one of the best things I did this year. Thank you.



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